September 20, 2010

EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE discography LP finally released, tons of shirts +way more - BIG UPDATE!

The big news for the Robotic Empire - Online Store this week is the extremely long awaited release of the EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE discography! An untold time in the making (the master alone has been done for 4 years), we are absolutely thrilled to finally present this beast to you!

Early pioneers of mixing metal, punk, grind and hardcore, Austin, Texas' EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE were almost TOO ahead of their time... blowing away the few that "got it", leaving others slack-jawed and stunned. We were beyond words when witnessing these fiends in the late 90's, and in the Robodog heyday were lucky enough to release the sic[sic] CD followup to their classic debut EP, Mother Spain and the Wayfaring Myth. Both of which comprise this stunning discography release.

Recorded back in 1998 and 2000, seriously think for a minute about what you were doing during that timeframe. These guys were busy pushing envelopes left and right, doing things that may seem somewhat commonplace today, but were generally weird and/or unheard of back in those days. They were one of the few bands that flawlessly incorporated both low, growly vocals AND dissonant melody within hardcore music... and beyond that, they actually constructed damn good songs utilizing additional elements pulled from punk, metal and grindcore influences.

The audio has been carefully re-mastered from the original DAT tapes... and ten blistering songs that absolutely stand the test of time are the result of many years of work. The hair-standing lyrics are still just as vital today as in they days which they were written, accompanying waves of distorted yet lush guitars, completely frantic and unique drumming, plus a general energy and passion that is hard sought and much coveted. To put it lightly, EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE were a band of rare quality.

Part of the reason why this release has taken so long to see the light of the day is the artwork. Originally designed with the CD-sized format of sic[sic] in mind, Aaron Turner's original layout has been meticulously reconstructed for the vinyl edition. Keeping the feel and theme of sic[sic] in mind, the imagery has been modified to spread across two LP-sized panels of a three-color silkscreened jacket (printed by Broken Press, another photo of which can be seen here). Also included is a double sided photocopied insert, cloth patch, 1" button and free digital download. We are charging $12.99 for this release; all copies come on clear colored vinyl and the entire pressing is limited to just 300 copies.

A lot of thought and time has gone into the presentation of this release, as it is the last will and testament to a band from another era. EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE left a lasting impression on us that started over a decade ago, and we're honored to present this discography for your enjoyment. We hope you'll take something from it as well.

* This is available NOW in the Robotic Empire - Online Store
* Two preview tracks from this discography release can be heard on our Facebook and/or Myspace pages
* One track can be downloaded (along with 17 others) on our recent FREE Robotic Empire - Label Sampler 2k10

Phew! Wow, quite a lot to say about a band that only so many people have heard of. PLEASE check out the discography if you can though, we highly recommend it! Beyond that, we've also got an outstanding update for the Robotic Empire - Online Store that would be noteworthy even without the EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE LP:

Standout new stuff this time include the long-awaited DOVE vinyl release (ex-FLOOR, ex-CAVITY, pre-HOUSE OF LIGHTNING), two excellent GRAILS LP reissues on color wax that the band recently re-pressed themselves (both of which we originally released), plus a slew of killer t-shirts officially licensed by Bad Skulls including CHARLES BRONSON, IRON LUNG and SPAZZ! On the re-stock tip we've got a handful of distributor-returned BATTLE OF MICE / JESU CDs (last chance to dance on this one), DOLCIM LPs, two shirts from Eat Death and a couple other jammers as well. Here's the full list:

* Charles Bronson - Taking Aim - Size: EXTRA LARGE T-Shirt (Bad Skulls) $11.99
* Charles Bronson - Taking Aim - Size: LARGE T-Shirt (Bad Skulls) $11.99
* Charles Bronson - Taking Aim - Size: MEDIUM T-Shirt (Bad Skulls) $11.99
* Charles Bronson - Taking Aim - Size: SMALL T-Shirt (Bad Skulls) $11.99
* Dodgin' Bullets - Earn Your Respect - GOLD COLORED VINYL 12" (True Stance) $9.99
* Dove - Self-Titled - GREEN COLORED VINYL 12" (Financial Ruin) $18.99
* Dove - Self-Titled - PURPLE COLORED VINYL 12" (Financial Ruin) $18.99
* Drowning with Our Anchors / Maladie - Split - BROWN COLORED VINYL 10" (Glory Kid) $11.99
* Employer, Employee - Discography - CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12" (Robotic Empire) $12.99
* Employer, Employee - Discography - PRINT (Robotic Empire) $3.99
* Gehenna - Upon The Gravehill - BLUE COLORED VINYL 12" (King Of The Monsters) $12.99
* Grails - Redlight - BROWN COLORED VINYL 12" (Pamlico Sound) $16.99
* Grails - The Burden of Hope - GOLD COLORED VINYL 12" (Pamlico Sound) $16.99
* Green & Wood - Self-Titled - GREEN COLORED VINYL 12" (Cyclopean) $13.99
* Iron Lung - Fry Face - Size: EXTRA LARGE T-Shirt (Bad Skulls) $11.99
* Iron Lung - Fry Face - Size: LARGE T-Shirt (Bad Skulls) $11.99
* Iron Lung - Fry Face - Size: MEDIUM T-Shirt (Bad Skulls) $11.99
* Iron Lung - Fry Face - Size: SMALL T-Shirt (Bad Skulls) $11.99
* Loose Lips Sink Ships / Victor Villarreal - Eating Happens 7" (Whaleplane) $5.99
* Mammoth Grinder - Extinction of Humanity 12" (Cyclopean) $10.99
* Slaughter Strike - At Life's End 12" (Cyclopean) $12.99
* Spazz - Hang Loose - Size: EXTRA LARGE T-Shirt (Bad Skulls) $11.99
* Spazz - Hang Loose - Size: LARGE T-Shirt (Bad Skulls) $11.99
* Spazz - Hang Loose - Size: MEDIUM T-Shirt (Bad Skulls) $11.99
* Spazz - Hang Loose - Size: SMALL T-Shirt (Bad Skulls) $11.99
* Sungod - First Matter 12" (Cyclopean) $13.99
* Unholy Grave - Grind Hell - RED ORANGE COLORED VINYL 10" (Death Agonies & Screams) $10.99
* Wyqm - Portrait of Spectre - RED WITH BLACK SPLATTER COLORED VINYL 12" (Death Agonies & Screams) $9.99

* Charles Bronson - Mugshot T-Shirt - Size: LARGE (Eat Death) $11.99
* Charles Bronson - Mugshot T-Shirt - Size: MEDIUM (Eat Death) $11.99
* Charles Bronson - Mugshot T-Shirt - Size: SMALL (Eat Death) $11.99
* Dolcim - Guillotine Ride 12" (React With Protest) $10.99
* Electric Wizard - Dopethrone T-Shirt - Size: EXTRA LARGE (Eat Death) $11.99
* Electric Wizard - Dopethrone T-Shirt - Size: LARGE (Eat Death) $11.99
* Electric Wizard - Dopethrone T-Shirt - Size: MEDIUM (Eat Death) $11.99
* Jesu / Battle of Mice - Split CD (Robotic Empire) $11.99
* Trainwreck / Comadre - Split 12" (React With Protest) $11.99
* Unholy Grave - Grindignation - SQUARE-SHAPED BLUE/BLACK COLORED VINYL 7" (Death Agonies and Screams) $7.99

We'd also like to take this opportunity to point out that we've recently dropped another new release, the debut CD from NEON BASTARD, New Zealand's latest freaks of powerviolence, grind, punk and more. An insanely rad album, we've got it available now for only 6 bucks. This and a few other new items & restocks from the last update should probably be reiterated due to sheer crucialness! Plus, a gnarly NEON BASTARD review can (and should) be read here. Here's that last update's list of stuff:

NEW ITEMS: (from 09/05/10)
* Ancient VVisdom / Charles Manson - Split - 1-Sided GREY COLOREED VINYL 12" (Withdrawl) $11.99
* Gnaw Their Tongues - L'arrive De La Terne Mort Triomphante CD (Crucial Blast) $9.99
* Hot Cross - Risk Revival - YELLOW COLORED VINYL 12" (Destructure) $16.99
* Knut - Wonder 12" (Conspiracy) $13.99
* Knut - Wonder CD (Conspiracy) $12.99
* Lords - F' All Y'all Motherf'rs - WHITE COLORED VINYL 12" (Destructure) $17.99
* Neon Bastard - Meikhaus CD (Robotic Empire) $5.99
* Reaching Away - Push Away The Moon 12" (McMurtrey) $10.99
* Red Sparowes - The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer 12" (Conspiracy) $14.99
* Red Sparowes - The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer CD (Conspiracy) $12.99
* Summer Pledge - You Are You 12" (Self Released) $7.99
* Taiga - Hsheal 12" (Conspiracy) $14.99
* Teens In Trouble [aka Pizza] - Self-Titled Cassette (Self Released) $4.99
* Wolves In The Throne Room - Black Cascade - PICTURE DISC VINYL 2x12" (Conspiracy) $25.99

RESTOCKS: (from 09/05/10)
* A Day In Black And White / Golden Birds - Split 7" (Paranoid) $4.99
* Amanda Woodward - Meurt La Soif - BROWN COLORED VINYL 7" (Paranoid) $4.99
* Geisha - Die Verbrechen Der Liebe CD (Crucial Blast) $5.99
* Geisha - Mondo Dell'Orrore CD (Crucial Blast) $7.99
* Giants - Old Stories - SPLATTER COLORED VINYL 12" (Cavity) $9.99
* Hot Cross - Risk Revival - ORANGE COLORED VINYL 12" (Paranoid) $16.99
* Hot Cross / The Holy Shroud - Split - PICTURE DISC 7" (Paranoid) $5.99
* Kowloon Walled City - Turk Street - RED BLACK HAZE COLORED VINYL 10" (Wordclock) $7.99
* Lords / Karysun - Split - RED COLORED VINYL 10" (Destructure) $16.99
* Monarch - Dead Men Tell No Tales 2xCD (Crucial Blast) $9.99
* Nadja - Desire In Uneasiness CD (Crucial Blast) $9.99
* Souvenirs Young America - An Ocean Without Water CD (Crucial Blast) $7.99

YES! Love a big update. Hopefully there's something in there that strikes ya, and if so please hit up the Robotic Empire - Online Store for all this jibba jab and thousands of other items spanning the underground music universe. PEACE!

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