July 27, 2007

New releases from TORCHE, GHASTLY CITY SLEEP, ISIS and more!!!

Hot on the heels of the PYGMY LUSH Bitter River CD / LP / T-Shirt pre-order we announced last week (click here to see the post) we've received a massive amount of CDs and vinyl we need to announce as now available!

The first major new addition to the Robotic Empire Online Store is the absolutely incredible debut album from Brooklyn's GHASTLY CITY SLEEP. This self-titled effort is seriously leaps and bounds beyond anything the seasoned members have created in the past, and we really couldn't be happier with how this debut turned out! Here is what we wrote about this album for stores, distros, etc:

"It isn't often new music surfaces that is so deeply intense, just hearing it may induce instant nostalgia; the ancient sensations you get when the seasons change, a vivid dream involving the first person you ever loved. In the same way that select few can simultaneously achieve dark and uplifting songs, the Brooklyn-based quartet known as GHASTLY CITY SLEEP hone in on some immensely powerful elements to deliver a commanding, breathtaking first offering. On the GHASTLY CITY SLEEP debut, four tracks span thirty minutes... and when it's done, you actually feel different. To say it's "moving" is an understatement with what Robotic Empire safely proclaims to be one of the most groundbreaking releases we've ever been a part of.

While two pieces nearly reach the six-minute mark and the other two eclipse nine, the whole offering flows with a smooth liquidity, creating one solidified, captivating body of work. The four young men involved in GHASTLY CITY SLEEP don't stick to one instrument long, as the entire collective can be found playing everything from guitars, keys, various percussion and just about everything in between. The multitude of layers involved here are accompanied by a warm yet haunting array of vocals, all helping to produce this simply epic debut."

The first track from this release, "Ice Creaks", can be heard online here. Although not exactly indicative of their sound, it's worth mentioning that GHASTLY CITY SLEEP's debut recording features members of and/or contributions by past and present members of GREGOR SAMSA, CITY OF CATERPILLAR, MAJORITY RULE, KILARA, KAYO DOT and more. This recording is truly a horse of a different color though, with comparisons to SIGUR ROS, MUM, STEREOLAB, LOW, MOGWAI and SLOWDIVE not unjust.

The CD version of this album is now finished, in house and ready to ship out (click here for an animation of the deluxe packaging). This fortunately hasn't leaked online (so far) as the promo copies haven't shipped yet, so the only way to hear this thing is to actually buy it... a novel idea, right? The vinyl isn't being offered as a pre-order as the print isn't in production just yet, but we've got test presses already so the vinyl should be in motion very soon! This won't be in stores until October 16th so if you want to hear GHASTLY CITY SLEEP, this is the way... or live of course. There is only one scheduled performance right now, but more will be announced ASAP...

Monday, August 20th - Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar (2549 N Howard St.) - w/ Circle Takes The Square, Haram, Pygmy Lush, Dawn Treader - 9pm - ALL AGES

So if you aren't on the east coast and are interested in picking up this CD please head on over to the Robotic Empire Online Store. Yes we've heard "nobody buys CDs anymore", but the packaging for this is truly next-level with a clear PVC insert creating a slightly cloudy white effect when you look through the jewel case to the truly massive poster fold-out. Yep, this is the biggest poster fold-out the manufacturers can even make, and this double-sided insert has a huge painting on one side and an insanely-detailed, block-press-inspired flipside with all lyrics and linear notes included (something you won't get if you just download this). Long story short, for $10 you not only support an independent band and label, but also get a truly impressive release both in audio and visual!

Next up in the truly MASSIVE new release department is the long-awaited EP from TORCHE!!! It sure doesn't feel like it, but it's been three years since TORCHE's eponymous debut, and now they return with a blistering new release fittingly titled, well, In Return. This monstrous, seven-song, 20-minute EP pushes TORCHE's musical extremes even further as the "poppy" songs are far more catchy, and the "heavy" songs are infinitely more crushing. The band continues to explore every side of their multi-faceted personas, presenting their darkest, heaviest and most infectious work to date!

In Return is also Robotic Empire's most obsessively ridiculous packaging yet; a beautiful full-color John Baizley design as a gatefold 10" jacket with a printed innersleeve and a die-cut that holds the companion CD in place, all housed in a thick mylar bag with a two-color sticker. Yep, this deluxe colored vinyl comes with a musically-identical CD counterpart so you don't have to deal with any digital download hassles if you simply want this thing on your computer. However, you'll definitely appreciate the physical nature of this true beast once you see and hear TORCHE's absolutely mammoth new release, as this truly is the most over the top packaging we've done to date! We even got our pressing plant to do some crazy colored vinyl options that have NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE! Yep, the "planets" version (or "petals", or "easter eggs"?? see below!) is some first-time-ever shit, and cost extra to do since it was labor-intensive to make... so we're charging a bit more for them.

* Two tracks from In Return, "Rule The Beast" and the title track "In Return", can be previewed here!

This beast won't be in stores until September 18th (in the USA, a bit later in Europe) and we've gotta limit the mail orders of this one to non-European countries only as Rock Action is releasing this one in Europe too. Euros, start hounding them about it... otherwise, if you're interested in picking this up please head over to the Robotic Empire Online Store. The recording for this was expensive (it sounds fucking incredible) and the packaging costs were through the roof so we gotta charge $14-$16 for this crazy package, but that does include postage in the USA. Sorry about the high price, it really is worth it though... wait until you see and hear this thing!

Here's the pressing info for the In Return 10"+CD:
* 400 on BEER / YELLOW (side A = "beer" colored, side B = translucent yellow)
* 200 on CLEAR w/ "PLANETS" (click here for a bigger pic)
* 200 on BLUE w/ "PLANETS" (click here for a bigger pic)

Available now only in the Robotic Empire Online Store!

And for all those ornery (...and/or patient) collectors who ordered the Self-Titled Reissue a few months back, here is the pressing info for that:
* 250 on BLUE w/ WHITE SMOKE
* 100 on PINK

There it is, the latest in TORCHE glory! This In Return 10"+CD is seriously one of the coolest looking releases we've done yet, if not one of the most pummeling as well! We have copies of the Self-Titled Reissue available on both CD and LP as well, so please hit up the Robotic Empire Online Store if interested!

If all this weren't enough to overload your senses, we also re-pressed the latest ISIS album, In The Absence Of Truth! The first press of this blasted out pretty fast so we've made some more, and here is what we wrote about it for those who haven't heard it yet:

"The logical expansion of ISIS' multiple personalities yield In The Absence Of Truth, their latest monster full-length. It only makes sense that the 'atmospheric' parts are even more haunting (yet, uplifting) and the 'heavy' parts are even more brutal and crushing. However, it's hardly an album of polar opposites, with the fluidity only achieved by a band who's been consistently developing like this for nearly a decade now. The increased amount of actual singing really makes a difference on the more mellow moments, but widespread experimentation with new elements reaches far beyond the vocals here. Appropriate usage of unique tones, leads and overall surprising song-structures culminate with nine tracks of ISIS' most impressive work to date. In The Absence Of Truth really is an astounding album, with a maturity displayed that leaps from their past into amazing uncharted waters of heaviness. Robotic Empire is honored to supply this gatefold, double-LP vinyl edition of ISIS' latest masterpiece."

* You can preview the track "Not In Rivers But In Drops" from this album here

The pressing info for this 2nd press is as follows:
* 1100 copies on BLACK
* 300 copies on CLEAR
* 300 copies on GOLD/BLACK (side A = black, side b = metallic gold... these look awesome)
* 300 copies on RED/YELLOW (side A = translucent red, side b = "beer" colored... looks like fruit punch)

If you are interested in this beautiful re-press, please head on over to the Robotic Empire Online Store! We're charging $20 for this double-LP, which includes postage in the USA.

And last (and actually least), we have added a few restocks to the Robotic Empire Online Store since the last update last week:

* A Fine Boat That Coffin / Am I Dead Yet / Mock Heroic / Utarid - "Split" 12" (React With Protest) - $10.00
* Belegost / The Sea Like Lead - "Split" CD (Electric Human Proj.) - $9.00
* Danse Macabre - "Synkopenleben Nein Danke" 12" (React With Protest) - $10.00
* Joshua Fit For Battle - "Bring Out Your Dead" CD (Electric Human Proj.) - $9.00
* La Quiete / Louise Cyphere - "Split - RED COLORED VINYL" 10" (Electric Human Proj.) - $10.00
* La Quiete / Louise Cyphere - "Split - YELLOW COLORED VINYL" 10" (Electric Human Proj.) - $10.00
* Setup, The / Schematic of a Waking Life - "Split" CD (Electric Human Proj.) - $7.00
* Tunes For Bears To Dance To / El Minotaur - "Split" 7" (Medical Abuse) - $5.00
* Various Artists - "Emo Apocalypse" 12" (React With Protest) - $10.00

WOW big update out of nowhere, it all just kind of worked out like this. We've got lots of bills to pay too since tons of stuff has been in production lately (with more in motion right now!) so please help us make more paper and plastic nonsense by hitting up the Robotic Empire Online Store.

Big ups / jah bless / many thanks / peace!!

July 20, 2007

PYGMY LUSH "Bitter River" LP+CD+T-Shirt PRE-ORDER! & loads of Online Store updates!!

Hell has apparently froze over twice in a row here as the PYGMY LUSH debut album Bitter River is actually almost upon us AND Robotic Empire's doing another pre-order special too! It only took us a full year to wrangle the artwork from the band but this beast is actually finished (CD) and in production (vinyl)! In reaction to this truly surprising event, we tie dyed the fuck out of some sweet PYGMY LUSH t-shirts in blissful celebration. No shit:

Yep, the first handful of folks who pre-order this album (and want a t-shirt) can get a unique and totally badass tie-dye t-shirt along with the CD or LP of Bitter River. How exactly is a purple tie-dye t-shirt "badass"? Well, the colors complement the layout freakishly well AND it's got a scarecrow clutching a whisky bottle for good measure.

Not into the whole tie-dye thing? Well, good... only the first few people that order shirts will get one anyway and the rest get the same sweet scarecrow image on a "camel" (aka "khaki") colored faux American Apparel t-shirt. It's okay, they still look sweet (click here for proof). If you don't care about shirts at all, don't feel like you gotta order one... the vinyl and CD is available alone as well... just head on over to the Robotic Empire Online Store. For those who don't know anything about PYGMY LUSH yet, this is what we wrote about the album:

Sterling, Virginia's PYGMY LUSH debut with an album serving as the culmination of every influence these fine young men have ever had, all wrapped around each other to create what essentially sounds like a seasoned band covering a solid mixtape. Bitter River is 16 songs that span nearly the entire underground/independent music spectrum... ranging from tracks that sound like THE BLACK HEART PROCESSION to BORN AGAINST to TOM WAITS to THE JESUS LIZARD to BOB DYLAN to ONE EYED GOD PROPHECY to NIRVANA to ... you get the picture, right? This is an incredibly varied album but it works surprisingly well, as the five fellows of PYGMY LUSH have cut their teeth on some of Northern Virginia's most influential punk/hardcore bands of the last decade or so including PG.99, MAJORITY RULE, MALADY, CITY OF CATERPILLAR, CRESTFALLEN, HISSING CHOIR and many more. The CD version comes with a 16-page lyric book and two bonus tracks not found on the vinyl.

And hey, here's the pressing info too:
* CD = 1000 copies
* BLACK LP = 900 copies
* OPAQUE BROWN LP = 200 copies
* "ORANGE" (RED A / YELLOW B) LP = 200 copies
* TEST PRESS LP = 10 (not for sale)

FIVE different tracks from this album have been posted online:
* Hear "Big Black River" and "The Baptism Of Isa Lee" here
* Hear "Long Pause", "Send Bombs" and "Hurt Everything" here

If you're convinced you want this stuff, we're charging $8 for the CD and $12 for the LP. The shirts are an extra $15 cause the tie dying took forever to do and the "camel" shirts are on hella nice material too. For those still interested, please click here to pre-order!!

All orders will ship out within roughly a month, maybe less depending on when the vinyl arrives. You're welcome (and encouraged) to order other stuff from our Robotic Empire Online Store along with this pre-order, but we'll probably wait and ship it all together. However, if you really want something else you're ordering right away, please just put a note in the "notes" section when you check out and we'll do what we can.

We've also have a fairly sizeable update of new additions and re-stocks to our continuously-growing Robotic Empire Online Store, including the expanded CD version of the TORCHE Self Titled Reissue. Here's all the new stuff since the last update (note, nobody else has this Sparrows Swarm And Sing LP!):

* Aquefrigide - "Un Caso Isolato" CD (Subsound) - $8.00
* At The Gates - "Gardens Of Grief - Size: Small" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $13.00
* At The Gates - "Gardens Of Grief - Size: Medium" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $13.00
* At The Gates - "Gardens Of Grief - Size: Large" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $13.00
* At The Gates - "Gardens Of Grief - Size: Extra Large" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $14.00
* Battlemaster - "Warthirsting And Winterbound" CD (Forcefield) - $8.00
* Charles Bronson - "Tough Guy - Size: Small" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $12.00
* Charles Bronson - "Tough Guy - Size: Medium" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $12.00
* Circle Of Dead Children - "Zero Comfort Margin - COLORED VINYL" 10" (Arclight Comm.) - $12.00
* City Of Ships - "Live Free Or Dont" CDep (Forcefield) - $7.00
* Coffin Dancer - "Pax Romana" CDep (Denovali) - $6.00
* Coke Bust - "Demo - TRASH COLORED VINYL" 7" (Headcount) - $5.00
* Consular - "Dont Cross The Swine" CD (Shifty) - $8.00
* Deflore - "Human Indu[b]strial" CD (Subsound) - $8.00
* Destroyer Destroyer - "The Dead Sleep Like Us For A Reason" CD (Debello) - $9.00
* Dig That Body Up Its Alive - "A Corpse Is Forever" 12" (Rock Is Hell) - $20.00
* Eyehategod - "Classic Skull - Size: Small" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $13.00
* Eyehategod - "Classic Skull - Size: Medium" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $13.00
* Eyehategod - "Classic Skull - Size: Large" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $13.00
* Eyehategod - "Classic Skull - Size: Extra Large" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $14.00
* Ghostlimb - "Self-Titled" 12" (Adagio830) - $12.00
* Godflesh - "Silver Face - Size: Small" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $13.00
* Godflesh - "Silver Face - Size: Medium" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $13.00
* Godflesh - "Silver Face - Size: Large" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $13.00
* Godflesh - "Silver Face - Size: Extra Large" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $14.00
* GP~00 - "i" CD (Forgotten Empire) - $8.00
* GP~00 - "New England" CDep (Forgotten Empire) - $6.00
* Graf Orlock - "Destination Time Tomorrow - RED COLORED VINYL" 10" (Level Plane) - $10.00
* Graf Orlock - "Destination Time Tomorrow" CD (Level Plane) - $8.00
* Grasshopper Lies Heavy, The - "Self-Titled" CD (Forgotten Empire) - $8.00
* Gregor Samsa - "27:36 + 2Dot" 12" (Riptide) - $14.00
* Haram - "Self-Titled" 12" (Adagio830) - $12.00
* His Hero Is Gone - "Monuments - Size: Small" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $13.00
* His Hero Is Gone - "Monuments - Size: Medium" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $13.00
* His Hero Is Gone - "Monuments - Size: Large" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $13.00
* His Hero Is Gone - "Monuments - Size: Extra Large" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $14.00
* Indian Summer - "Discography" 12" (Adagio 830) - $12.00
* Indian Summer - "Hidden Arithmetic (reissue of Live Blue Universe + bonus material)" CD (Future Recordings) - $12.00
* Kaep Yroc - "Self-Titled" Cassette (Sass Bologna) - $6.00
* Kayo Dot / Bloody Panda - "Split - MARBLE COLORED VINYL" 12" (Holy Roar) - $16.00
* Locust, The - "Self-Titled" CD (GSL) - $10.00
* Neurosis - "Yin Yang - Size: Medium" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $13.00
* Neurosis - "Yin Yang - Size: Large" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $13.00
* Our Times - "Self-Titled" 7" (Headcount) - $5.00
* Pygmy Lush - "Bitter River - BLACK VINYL" 12" (Robotic Empire) - $12.00
* Pygmy Lush - "Bitter River - BROWN VINYL" 12" (Robotic Empire) - $12.00
* Pygmy Lush - "Bitter River - ORANGE VINYL" 12" (Robotic Empire) - $12.00
* Pygmy Lush - "Bitter River - PURPLE VINYL" 12" (Robotic Empire) - $12.00
* Pygmy Lush - "Bitter River" CD (Robotic Empire) - $8.00
* Pygmy Lush - "Pre-Order Only Special!" T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) - $15.00
* Raccoo-oo-oon - "Behold Secret Kingdom" CD (Release The Bats) - $10.00
* Raw Radar War - "Double Equals" CD (Shifty) - $8.00
* Robinson - "The Great City" CD (Debello) - $9.00
* Romance Of Young Tigers - "I Have Supped Full on Horrors" CD (Arclight Comm.) - $8.00
* RunsFasterScared - "Self-Titled" CD (Forgotten Empire) - $8.00
* Skitsystem - "Wolves / Daggers - Size: Small" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $12.00
* Skitsystem - "Wolves / Daggers - Size: Medium" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $12.00
* Skitsystem - "Wolves / Daggers - Size: Large" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $12.00
* Skitsystem - "Wolves / Daggers - Size: Extra Large" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $14.00
* Sleigher - "Worst Songs" Cassette (Sass Bologna) - $6.00
* Sparrows Swarm and Sing - "Untitled II - WHITE COLORED VINYL" 12" (Gatehouse Anchor) - $12.00
* Spazz - "Goat - Size: Medium" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $12.00
* Spazz - "Goat - Size: Extra Large" T-Shirt (Warlord) - $14.00
* Tigershark / Apeshit - "Split - PURPLE COLORED VINYL" 12" (Molsook) - $10.00
* Torche - "Self-Titled Reissue" CD (Robotic Empire) - $8.00
* Vanessa Van Basten - "Self-Titled - SPLATTER COLORED VINYL" 12" (KNVBI) - $12.00
* Vanessa Van Basten - "Self-Titled - YELLOW/BROWN COLORED VINYL" 12" (KNVBI) - $12.00
* War Kriminals - "Fully Automated" Cassette (Sass Bologna) - $6.00
* Wow, Owls! / Setup, The - "Split - MAROON COLORED VINYL" 7" (Perpetual Motion) - $5.00
* Zach Hill and Mick Barr - "Volume 2" 12" (Rock Is Hell) - $18.00

Lots of great stuff! Please keep us busy this summer and head on over to the Robotic Empire Online Store. Thanks / peace!