December 28, 2008

GODS & QUEENS booking US tour, need assistance

Brooklyn/Philadelphia trio GOD & QUEENS are gearing up for an early summer US tour, but quote guitarist/vocalist Jamie Getz who is booking the tour:

"Everyone I used to deal with in my peer group has moved up/on/out, and either is done with it altogether, or they are now working at Live Nation, totally out of touch with anything DIY, or they are the "talent buyers" at medium sized clubs."

This translates to the band needing help booking shows in your town. They will play your house/garage/basement/club/bar/restaurant/gallery/whatever. Here is their proposed itinerary:

05/28 - Lehigh Valley, PA
05/29 - Boston/Providence/Philly/Brooklyn
05/30 - Boston/Providence/Philly/Brooklyn
05/31 - Philly/Brooklyn
06/01 - DC/Baltimore
06/02 - DC/Richmond/SW VA
06/03 - Durham/Carboro NC
06/04 - Columbia SC/Atlanta GA
06/05 - Atlanta GA/Gainesville FL
06/06 - Miami/Delray FL
06/07 - Pensacola FL (somewhere FL)
06/08 - Birmingham/Mobile AL
06/09 - Mobile AL/ Arkansas? NOLA
06/10 - NOLA / Baton Rouge LA
06/11 - Baton Rouge LA/Houston TX/Day off to drive to AUSTIN
06/12 - Austin TX
06/13 - Austin TX
06/14 - San Antonio TX /Oklahoma City OK
06/15 - Omaha/Lincoln NB
06/16 - Des Moines / Iowa City IA
06/17 - Madison / La Crosse WI / Chicago IL
06/18 - Indianapolis IN / Louisville KY
06/19 - Louisville KY / Columbus OH
06/20 - Cleveland OH
06/21 - Pittsburgh/Erie PA

There you have it, not a bad tour. If you can help book them please email If you have not heard GODS & QUEENS there are a few songs posted on their myspace page:

In mildly related news, completely unprompted and without explanation, Getz also sent us the lyrics for GODS & QUEENS' "untitled" debut 12"+CD that was released on Robotic Empire earlier this year. No clue why these hardheads wouldn't just include them with the album, but you can now find those here:

December 13, 2008

ROBOTIC OBSCURITIES launched - rare/unreleased/demo/live MP3s, videos, etc!

After being a record label for nearly 10 years, Robotic Empire has accumulated a lot of obscure, rare, demo, live and/or otherwise unreleased or hard-to-find audio. This mostly pertains to the bands and artists we've worked with over the years, and now we've set up a site to share some of these rarities with everyone, free of charge.

ROBOTIC OBSCURITIES is what we're calling it; a blog with detailed postings surrounding some of the projects we've been a part of over the years. You can check it out here:

To kick this off right, a decent amount of stuff has been posted to start, and this is what's up so far:

* PIG DESTROYER - full live set video from 1999, and other old clips (including one of TREBLINKA, the pre-PxDx band who only played one show)
* VERSOMA - Life During Wartime demos
* GODS & QUEENS - two non-album tracks
* GARUDA - Cold Wired Sentiment (OOP CDep from the band who opened up our "Mutation" CD comp)
* HISSING CHOIR - first show audio (3 live songs) +bonus stuff

Although this will probably be updated slowly, there's lots of additional material on the horizon. I've also tried to give as much background info behind the material posted as I can recall, to keep the archiving of this stuff as informative as possible.


December 10, 2008

A STORM OF LIGHT posts new track, announces NADJA collaboration

Brooklyn's A STORM OF LIGHT have posted the new song "Sister" off their forthcoming 2xLP+CD collaboration with Toronto's NADJA. This track can now be found exclusively at A STORM OF LIGHT's myspace page:

The release, titled Primitive North, features two new songs from A STORM OF LIGHT and one lengthy new opus from NADJA. The double vinyl LPs and CD will be packaged together, and also features each band remixing the other's material. Primitive North will see a March 3rd, 2009 street date through Robotic Empire.

December 5, 2008

GODS & QUEENS press roundup

The initial wave of feedback for the GODS & QUEENS untitled debut 12"+CD has come in, and overall people seem to dig the band! This is good news to us because we don't like releasing duds... so to stroke our & the band's collective ego, please check out some of the kind words received thus far:

Decibel January 2009 - Top 40 Extreme Albums of 2008 (G&Q got #19)

Decibel Feature - December 2008

Rock Sound Feature - late 2008

Brooklyn Vegan - Feature (links externally)

SOME REVIEWS (link externally)
* Aversionline
* Boomkat
* Hanging Like A Hex (scroll down)
* Scene Point Blank

The band has been pretty consistent with posting translated reviews and other crap in their own blog, and have a boatload of live shows coming up, including their first European tour in April:

12/13/08 - Boston, MA @ Great Scott - w/ Angels Of Meth, Zozobra, Disappearer
01/18/09 - Syracuse, NY @ Westcott Community Center - w/ Sinaloa, Mistletoe, Might, Patrons Of Sweet
01/21/09 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Kyhber - w/ Blow Up Nihilist, Abominable Iron Sloth
04/01/09 - Giessen, Germany @ AK44 - w/ Drowning With Our Anchors
04/02/09 - Leipzig, Germany @ Zoro - w/ Drowning With Our Anchors & Zann
04/03/09 - Prague, Czech Republic @ V Jelen - w/ Drowning With Our Anchors
04/04/09 - Brno, Czech Republic @ Yacht Club - w/ Drowning With Our Anchors
04/05/09 - Cracow, Poland @ TBA - w/ Drowning With Our Anchors
04/06/09 - Warsaw, Poland @ TBA - w/ Drowning With Our Anchors
04/09/09 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ TBA
04/10/09 - Hamburg, Germany @ TBA
04/12/09 - Brighton, UK @ TBA
04/13/09 - Exceter, UK @ TBA
04/15/09 - Leeds, UK @ TBA
04/16/09 - Ostende, Belgium @ TBA
04/17/09 - Utrecht, Netherlands @ ACU
04/22/09 - Ljubljana, Slovenia @ TBA
04/24/09 - Vienna, Austria @ TBA
04/25/09 - Munich, Germany @ Kafe Kult - w/ Drowning With Our Anchors
04/27/09 - Aachen, Germany @ AZ

GODS & QUEENS untitled 12"+CD (both formats together) is available in the USA from Robotic Empire, in Europe from Adagio830 and online via iTunes.

Sample tracks and more information can be found on the band's myspace page.