November 27, 2010

Holiday GIVEAWAYS from Robotic Empire, plus European IMPORTS and our first INDIE FILM!

Tis the season... for ROBO GIVEAWAYS! We usually utilize the holidays to make some kinda special offer, and this year we're giving away free Robo LPs and/or CDs to all orders over 50 bucks. The quick n' dirty is that if you order $50+ worth of stuff, we'll toss in 1 free Robotic Empire label-release LP, or 2 free Robotic Empire label-release CDs of YOUR choice. Order $100+ and we double the giveaway... etc. We're feeling pretty festive too, so list alternatives and maybe you'll get additional bonus stuff if your order is rad :)

The lists of free stuff available can be found here: LPs / 10"s / 10"+CDs / 9"+CDs / CDs / CDeps
*Other label stuff elsewhere on the site (CD lots / box sets / 2xLPs / etc) do not count for this offer*

Just list the item(s) you're requesting in the "notes" section at checkout and we'll do our best to accommodate! Giveaway thing stops at the end of the year.

This would also be a good time to mention CHRISTMAS ORDERS NEED TO BE IN BEFORE DECEMBER 10th! The entire mail system goes insaneo this time of year and in order to make sure your/your loved ones' stuff arrives in time PLEASE get orders in before December 10th and use UPS shipping. Anything otherwise/afterwards is not guaranteed to arrive in time for XXXmas, although we will be working throughout the entire holiday season.

However, we anticipate spending far more time packing+shipping this month as opposed to emailing, so please don't write asking about your order's status. Rest assured we're busting ass full steam and will get orders out as quickly as possible. No rest for the wicked!

On that sentiment, we've just gotten in another round of gnarly new releases & restocks. New jammers include BLACK TUSK's Relapse debut full-length (also check out the killer super limited tour-only LP of their first album)... also from Relapse is the mighty COUGH album Ritual Abuse on 2xLP. We blew through the Richmond heathens' split w/ THE WOUNDED KINGS (and are expecting a restock later this week), so be sure to check out this slow monster of a sophomore album! The reinvigorated HOLY MOUNTAIN showed up again via Euro imports, plus a STARKWEATHER / OVERMARS import split LP, crazy TRAP THEM tape and some other dern good stuff. Restocked CORRUPTED, GEHENNA, PYGMY LUSH, YEAR OF NO LIGHT and some others as well. We’ve also got our first independent movie release up for sale just in time for the holidays. From our hometown of Richmond, VA prepare yourself for THE TAINT!

* Alpinist - Minus.Mensch 12" (No Pasaran) $13.99
* Black Tusk - Taste The Sin - GREY COLORED VINYL 12" (Relapse) $9.99
* Black Tusk - Taste The Sin CD (Relapse) $6.99
* Cough - Ritual Abuse - GREY COLORED VINYL 2x12" (Relapse) $19.99
* Great Falls / Pastor Tonal - Split CD-R (Dead Accents) $9.99
* Holy Mountain, The - Enemies 12" (No Pasaran) $13.99
* Holy Mountain, The / Cave Canem - Split 7" (No Pasaran) $4.99
* Mass Sterilization - Punk Sounds Cassette (Kills You) $4.99
* Oak - II 12" (A389) $10.99
* Overmars / Starkweather - Split 12" (No Pasaran) $13.99
* Pharaoh - Self-Titled - COLORED VINYL 7" (A389) $4.99
* Rot In Hell - Niu 12" (A389) $10.99
* Same Sex Dictator - From Beneath You it Devours 12" (Long Way) $9.99
* Taint, The DVD (Bolson Media) $9.99
* Titan - Sweet Dreams 12" (Relapse) $9.99
* Trap Them - Filth Rations Cassette (Dead Accents) $5.99
* Unkind - Yhteiskunnan Pikkuvikoja - RED WITH BLACK SPLATTER COLORED VINYL 12"+CD (No Pasaran) $14.99
* Year Of No Light - Ausserwelt - CREAM COLORED VINYL 2x12" (Music Fear Satan) $21.99
* Year Of No Light - Ausserwelt - GREY COLORED VINYL 2x12" (Music Fear Satan) $21.99

* Caulfield - Self-Titled 12" (A389) $10.99
* Corrupted - Paso Inferior CD (Nostalgia Blackrain) $9.99
* Drowning With Our Anchors - Breathing Lessons 7" (Commodity Fetish) $4.99
* Gehenna - War Of The Sons Of Light & The Suns Of Darkness - BEER COLORED VINYL 12" (A389) $10.99
* Gehenna - War Of The Sons Of Light & The Suns Of Darkness - RED SILVER COLORED VINYL 12" (A389) $10.99
* Holy Mountain, The / Cobra Noir - Split - PINK COLORED VINYL 7" (No Pasaran) $4.99
* Pygmy Lush / Turboslut - Split 12" (Exotic Fever) $9.99
* Year Of No Light - Ausserwelt - BLACK VINYL 2x12" (Music Fear Satan) $21.99
* Year Of No Light - Ausserwelt - CLEAR COLORED VINYL 2x12" (Music Fear Satan) $21.99

Pretty good round of stuff there to keep us busy through the end of another year. Big ups (HUGE ups, really) to everyone who's supported us this year and/or the ones prior. Its hard to be a small business in this day and age, and to everyone who's helping keep bread in our ovens: we heartily salute you. Jah bless, everyone!

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November 15, 2010

New FLOOR 2xDVD, new COUGH split LP and way more in the Robotic Empire - Online Store

Wow have we ever been busy packing & shipping the BARONESS "First & Second" collection LP and FLOOR discounted Box Sets! (see previous update for info) So with major thanks is how we wanna start this update; a mega "thank-you" to everyone who's ordered, and to everyone else: please keep em coming! Baroness has been shipping as of last week but please continue to be patient for your orders to arrive, we’re getting slightly backed up at this point. Beyond the chaos that that's ensued, we've managed to round up another awesome batch of new items and restocks...

One big one we'd like to make particular note of is the FLOOR Sight & Seen 2xDVD pre-order that we just put up. Our brethern Chunklet is responsible for the release of this one, and we expect it to be a keeper. This 2xDVD showcases two of the band's "special" reunion shows in which they played with the three main original drummers in a rare experience that isn't likely to be repeated. Three different eras of FLOOR were well documented on this pro-shot/pro-audio DVD, along with archival footage from the band members' vaults, an interview/featurette thing and a second data-disc is also included with a host of other stuff as well. All in all, a top-notch documentary/live collection and having witnessed the shows in person, we're confident the final shebang should be pretty stellar! We're doing PRE-ORDERS on this one (since we don't actually have em yet), but expect them to arrive early/mid December. Anything else ordered along with the 2xDVD will be held to ship with the pre-order... and a trailer of this beast can be viewed here. You can preorder this now in the Robotic Empire - Online Store.

Related to that is the aforementioned FLOOR Below & Beyond Deluxe Box Set that we recently discounted. To be more specific, during inventory we found some mildly damaged boxes that we can't really sell at full-price... so we've knocked 50 bucks off the top and are selling the remaining ones now. The scuff/damage really is minor, and some more info can be found here.

Besides those key items, we also got a solid fulfillment of COUGH releases from the mighty Forcefield label. These RVA dawgz just hooked up with Relapse, have been doing the "slower" occult doom/sludge thing for a good term now and finally just dropped the long awaited caustic split LP with THE WOUNDED KINGS. Not a ton of distros have this yet, so we're stoked to stock that one along with re-stocks of their debut album on both CD and 2xLP. MAUDLIN OF THE WELL (the pre-KAYO DOT metal band) surprised us all with a new full length last year, and Antithetic just issued that monster on 2xLP. More new releases from Denovali and Hydrophonic, along with some new Josh Lay stuff, plus a good variety of restocks and this turned into a substantial update out of the blue! Here ya go:

* Blueneck - The Fallen Host - WHITE COLORED VINYL 2x10" (Denovali) $18.99
* Cough / The Wounded Kings - An Introduction To The Black Arts 12" (Forcefield) $9.99
* Dad They Broke Me - ROT CD (We Empty Rooms) $9.99
* Fire Witch - LIARS CD (We Empty Rooms) $9.99
* Fistula - Goat - GOLD COLORED VINYL 12" (Hydrophonic) $17.99
* Floor - Sight & Seen 2xDVD (Chunklet) $19.99 - **PRE ORDER**
* Jeniferever - Iris - BLACK VINYL 12" (Denovali) $14.99
* Josh Lay - Rotted Afterlife 12" (Urashima) $18.99
* Josh Lay / Teeth Collection - Split 12"+CDr (Husk) $10.99
* Maudlin of the Well - The Part the Second - WHITE w/ BLUE SWIRL COLORED VINYL 2x12" (Antithetic) $17.99
* Maudlin of the Well - The Part the Second - WHITE w/ YELLOW SWIRL COLORED VINYL 2x12" (Antithetic) $17.99
* Moloch / Glasss Coffin - Split 7" (Husk) $4.99
* Monarch - Sabbat Noir CD (Heathen Skulls) $17.99
* Omega Massif - Geisterstadt - BROWN BLACK COLORED VINYL 12" (Denovali) $12.99
* Ruins - 1986-1992 CD (Skin Graft) $9.99
* Sardonis - Self-Titled 12" (Hydrophonic) $21.99
* Sed Non Satiata - Self-Titled 12" (Protagonist) $12.99
* Te - Collection 3x12" (Denovali) $33.99
* Thou / Haarp - Split (damaged) - RED COLORED VINYL 7" (Mirror Universe) $3.99

* Algernon Cadwallader - Fun - WHITE COLORED VINYL 7"+CD (Be Happy) $6.99
* Bersarin Quartett - Self-Titled - 180 GRAM VINYL 2x12" (Denovali) $19.99
* Cough - Sigillum Luciferi 2x12" (Forcefield) $17.99
* Cough - Sigillum Luciferi CD (Forcefield) $7.99
* Dad They Broke Me - ROT 12"+CD (We Empty Rooms) $15.99
* Heirs - Alchera 12" (Denovali) $15.99
* Iroha / Fragment - Split - 180 GRAM VINYL 12" (Denovali) $11.99
* Jeniferever - Spring Tides - GOLD COLORED VINYL 2x12" (Denovali) $19.99
* Portraits of Past - Cypress Dust Witch 12" (Excursions Into The Abyss) $9.99
* Portraits of Past - Cypress Dust Witch CD (Excursions Into The Abyss) $6.99
* Revok - Bad Books And Empty Pasts - 180 GRAM CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12" (Denovali) $11.99
* Souvenir's Young America - September Songs 12" (Protagonist) $9.99
* Switchblade - Self-Titled 2009 2x12" - BLACK VINYL (Denovali) $19.99
* Vanessa Van Basten - Psygnosis CD (Consouling Sounds) $9.99
* Who Calls So Loud - Self-Titled - GREEN BLACK COLORED VINYL 12" (Protagonist) $10.99

Thanks again for all the orders and we’ll continue to pack and ship as fast as we can! Peace!

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