October 8, 2015

Robotic Empire - Wrong 12" Repress, Thou "DIY" shirts reprinted, mega distro update!

Alright everyone we've got a sweet update for you this week with the new PIGS album arriving from Solar Flare records, the new RAEIN 12" is now available in the shop, along with a ton of Magic Bullet releases we picked up as it's been a while since we did a nice hefty trade with those guys. Got some great tapes from CLOUD RAT & COLD WASTE from Dead Tank Records along with their 2 newest releases from SENIOR FELLOWS and THE SIEGE FIRE.

THOU are on tour with The Body! We reprinted the brutal DIY design on white shirts this time around in our excitement over all those shows. If you're on the west coast you should get out there and see those guys. We've still got both Baton Rouge and The Sacrifice on sale in the shop too and we're running really low on Baton Rouge. Those will be sold out fairly soon so grab a copy if you haven't already.

10.15.15 - Tucson at 191 Toole at Southwest Terror Fest with Heat Dust, In the Company of Serpents, Dead to a Dying World, Abstractor, Hanta, Gale, Methra
10.16.15 - Santa Fe at The Cave (1226 Calle de Commercio) at eight pm with Heat Dust, Yar, and Bathhouse
10.17.15 - Colorado Springs (MATINEE, solo set, NO BODY) at Flux Capacitor (3530 N. Chelton Loop) at three pm with Heat Dust and Alone
10.17.15 - Denver at Glob (3551 Brighton Blvd.) at nine pm with Heat Dust, Echo Beds, Blood Incantation, and Vermin Womb
10.18.15 - Salt Lake City at Kilby Court (750 Kilby Court) at seven pm with Heat Dust, Blood Incantation, and Sub Rosa
10.19.15 - Reno at Holland (140 Vesta Street) at eight pm with Heat Dust and Dissidence
10.19.15 - Chico (LATE NIGHT SHOW, solo set, NO BODY) with Heat Dust
10.20.15 - Portland at Blackwater (835 NE Broadway Street) with Heat Dust
10.21.15 - Bellevue (MATINEE, solo set, NO BODY) at The Program (15228 Lake Hills Blvd) at six pm with Heat Dust and Vacant Life
10.21.15 - Seattle with Heat Dust, Negative Standards, and Dreamdecay
10.22.15 - Seattle (MATINEE) at KEXP at four pm with Heat Dust
10.22.15 - Olympia at Palace Stump House (2639 28th Street NW) at eight pm with Heat Dust, Gag, and Eos
10.23.15 - Portland (MATINEE, solo sets) at Anarres at one pm with Heat Dust and Hreinn
10.23.15 - Salem at Wisp House (805 Church Street) with Heat Dust and Blood Incantation
10.24.15 - Ashland (MATINEE, solo set, NO BODY) at Club 66 (1951 Ashland Street) at noon with Heat Dust, Hermits, and Claire Burgess 10.24.15 - Eureka at the Vet's Hall (1018 H Street) at seven pm with Heat Dust 10.25.15 - Santa Rosa (MATINEE, solo set, NO BODY) with Heat Dust
10.25.15 - Berkeley (SOLO Thou and The Body sets, no collabo) at 924 Gilman Street with Heat Dust and Ragana
10.26.15 - Santa Cruz (MATINEE, solo set, NO BODY) with Heat Dust and Leucrota
10.26.15 - Oakland at the Metro (630 3rd Street) at eight pm with Heat Dust, No Statik, and SBSM
10.27.15 - Oakland (MATINEE, solo set, NO BODY) at 1234Go! Records (420 40th Street #5) at two pm with Heat Dust
10.27.15 - Sacramento at The Colony (3512 Stockton Blvd) at eight pm with Heat Dust, Gehenna, and Theories
10.28.15 - San Luis Obispo at Grange Hall (2880 Broad Street) at six pm with Heat Dust, Hollow Sunshine, and Leucrota
10.29.15 - Santa Barbara at The Hard to Find (7190 Hollister Avenue) at eight pm with Heat Dust, Uranium Orchard, and Drool
10.30.15 - San Diego at The Stronghold (5335 Market Street) at eight pm with Catharsis, Heat Dust, Trash Axis, and Age of Collapse
10.31.15 - Silver Lake at Los Globos (3040 Sunset Blvd) at five pm with Catharsis, Heat Dust, Full of Hell, Gehenna, and Theories
11.01.15 - Orange County at the Observatory Theater at Day of the Shred Fest
11.01.15 - Los Angeles at The Smell (247 South Main Street) with Catharsis and Heat Dust

In other exciting label news we've repressed the WRONG 12" EP and it's available in the shop once again! Be sure you don't miss out on one of those killer shirts we printed up for those guys too. Both are available in the Robotic Empire Online Shop now: Wrong Merch!

Alright here's the full list of New Items and Restocks for this weeks update.

Abstracter - Tomb of Feathers 12" (Shove) $14.99
Ancient Wisdom - Sacrifical 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Brother Dege - Folk Songs Of The American Longhair 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Brother Dege - How To Kill A Horse 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Cloud Rat - Qliphoth Cassette (Dead Tank) $4.99
Cold Waste / Burnt Hair - Burnt Waste Cassette (Dead Tank) $4.99
Harmonic Cross - It Is Finished 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Integrity - Suicide Black Snake 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Meatwound - Addio 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Mutoid Man - Helium Head 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
NY In 64 - Self-Titled - CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Pigs - Wronger 12" (Solar Flare) $19.99
Raein - Perpetuum 12" (Shove) $14.99
Senior Fellows - Shallow Grave 12" (Dead Tank) $7.99
Siege Fire, The - Dead Refuge 12" (Dead Tank) $7.99
Sofy Major - Waste 12" (Solar Flare) $15.99
Sweet Cobra - Earth - CLEAR ORANGE COLORED VINYL 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
This Will Destroy You - Live In Reykjavik Iceland 3x12" (Magic Bullet) $24.99
Wormwood - Self-Titled 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Zex - Fight For Yourself - CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99

Abstracter - Wound Empire 12" (Vendetta) $14.99
This Will Destroy You - Moving on the Edges of Things 12'' *PICTURE DISC VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
This Will Destroy You - Self-Titled 2x12'' *CLEAR ORANGE COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $16.99
This Will Destroy You - Young Mountain 12'' *CLEAR GREEN COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Thou - DIY T-Shirt - Size: SMALL (Robotic Empire) $14.99
Thou - DIY T-Shirt - Size: MEDIUM (Robotic Empire) $14.99
Thou - DIY T-Shirt - Size: LARGE (Robotic Empire) $14.99
Thou - DIY T-Shirt - Size: EXTRA LARGE (Robotic Empire) $14.99
Wrong - Stop Giving 12'' *VINYL* (Robotic Empire) $11.99

The Alphabet Sale continues as promised and here's the I, J's, and K's for you to peruse through:
Infernal Stronghold - Godless Noise 12" - $4.99
Infinite Light LTD - Self-Titled - CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12" - $9.99
Iroha - Self-Titled 2x12" - $9.99
Iroha - The End Of An Era - BLACK VINYL 10" - $9.99
Iroha / Fragment - Split - 180 GRAM 12" - $7.99
Jacuzzi Boys - No Seasons 12" - $7.99
Johnny Mox - We / Trouble - RED COLORED VINYL 12" - $1.99
Josh Lay - Rotted Afterlife 12" - $7.99
Kicker - Not You 12" - $3.99
Kicking Spit - Psychrockbullshit - WHITE COLORED VINYL 12" - $4.99
Kids Of Zoo - Debut 12" - $4.99
King Generator - Self-Titled - ONE SIDED BLUE COLORED VINYL 12"+CD - $2.99
Kodiak / Black Shape Of Nexus - Split - 180g BLACK VINYL 12" - $7.99
Kodiak / N - Collaboration [RN/XE] - BLACK VINYL 12" - $9.99

Thanks everyone and please head on over to the Robotoic Empire Online Sore to pick up some goodies.

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