September 13, 2013

Alpaca Premiere Via MTV Hive!

Awesome ALPACA interview+song premiere via MTV Hive:

"...the sound is so different from Baroness. Do you think people will be surprised or taken aback by the change?

For sure. I hope they are. Thatís sort of what itís all about ó jumping and taking chances. Doing something you love, you know. This is the type of music that Iíve always be into. Iíve always been into pop music since I was a kid, and then I got into, like, punk rock and metal early on, but I always had that side. When you start producing music you kind of like put your limbs out and try a bunch of different things and I think how this record kind of took shape was all these different influences. Itís from the heart and it feels good."

READ MORE / LISTEN TO 'Ease Your Gaze':

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