October 11, 2011

Lotsa THOU media (shirt pics, great live shots, vinyl photos, etc)

Here's a little mockup image of the newest "Accountant" THOU shirt. (left part is the front, right part is the back - back print is actually pretty small). Super comfy shirt, ala American Apparel's grey tri-blend, but without supporting skumbagz...

* Grab that joker here

Brooklyn Vegan also caught THOU live at their recent (and packed) ABC No Rio gigger in NYC, snapping a bunch of rad shots (and apparently a video of them covering "Sabatoge" by ye' ol' BEASTIE BOYS!)

* Peep pics/vids here

Semi-related, longtime bro of both the band and label, Josh Sisk, snapped a few gnarly shots as well from this week's Baltimore show...

* Czech them here

Vinyl Abuse did a cool photo-review of our latest THOU release, The Archer & The Owle megaEP 12" and cassette. Some pretty rad (and large) photos can be found there now.

* Vinyl Abuse blogg
* Order The Archer & The Owle megaEP 12" and/or cassette

I think that's as much THOU updateage we can cram into one little bump... maybe we'll have a sequel with some videos? Anyway, if you dig this band we've got a boatload of their stuff, please check it out!

* THOU in the Robotic Empire - Online Store

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