May 3, 2010

THOU - Baton Rouge 12" now available! +hella rare archive finds (ISIS, TORCHE, JESU, etc)

Quite a long time in the making (and many production headaches later), we are incredibly thrilled to announce our first vinyl release with longtime bros THOU. These Louisiana heathens have been cranking out a steady stream of sludge/doom gold since their inception a few years ago, and like fools we passed on releasing their debut album Tyrant, only to continuously regret it ever since.

Now though after years of talk, we finally put our money where our mouths are and deliver the good proper with this beautiful gatefold 12" EP release. It's an "EP" because it's 4 songs total, but it's also over 30 minutes of crushing music, set to the tune of the end of times. A seething ode to their city of inception, Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For contains by far some of THOU's best material released to date. The perfect marriage of sludge, melody, doom, hatred and melancholy... this is powerful stuff, and we're honored to present it to you.

Available on red or clear vinyl, this 12" EP is for sale now in the Robotic Empire - Online Store

You can stream the bulk of the EP at our myspace page or download it (and everything else they've released) at the band's website.

It'd also be a good time to mention the other recent vinyl releases we've just dropped from TIDELAND (Asleep In The Graveyard debut 12"), CAPSULE (Self-Titled collections 12") and FLOOR (Below & Beyond discography deluxe box set), all of which are still available from us. The label hasn't been this active with new releases in a LONG time and it'd help us heaps if you picked something up.

On that same tip, we dug up a bunch of personal archive stash stuff and put it up on the store. Sold out releases from ISIS (the box set!), TORCHE (first two LPs) and the BATTLE OF MICE / JESU split as well. It's highly unlikely we'll ever be re-stocking any of that stuff again, so strike now or forever hold your peace.

And last but not least, of course, are the new items and restocks to the Robotic Empire - Online Store. Two killer THOU splits restocked from our European brethern at Adagio/Vendetta along with their solid catalog titles (SALOME, INDIAN SUMMER) and always-quality new releases too (NADJA, SINALOA, etc). Another new YEAR OF NO LIGHT record, this time a crazy 2xLP import, and probably the only mailorderable copies anywhere of the old SNACK TRUCK demo 7"! With a bunch of other solid releases as well, this is a good batch of stuff... here ya go:

* Fix My Head / Knife in the Leg - Split 12" (Inimical) $11.99
* Funerot - And Then You F'ing Die Man 12" (Inimical) $11.99
* Highgate - Shrines To The Warhead 12" (Adagio830) $9.99
* Magrudergrind - Self-Titled 12" (Six Weeks) $9.99
* Millions Of Them - Failures 12" (Adagio830) $9.99
* Nadja / OVO - The Life And Death Of A Wasp 12" (Adagio830) $9.99
* Sinaloa - Self-Titled 12" (Adagio830) $10.99
* Thou - Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For - RED COLORED VINYL 12" (Robotic Empire) $12.99
* Thou - Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For - CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12" (Robotic Empire) $12.99
* Year Of No Light - Ausserwelt - BLACK VINYL 2x12" (Music Fear Satan) $21.99
* Year Of No Light - Ausserwelt - BLUE MARBLE COLORED VINYL 2x12" (Music Fear Satan) $21.99
* Year Of No Light - Ausserwelt - CLEAR COLORED VINYL 2x12" (Music Fear Satan) $21.99
* Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson - Self-Titled 2xCD (How Is Annie) $10.99

* A Storm Of Light / Nadja - Primitive North [split] - GLACIER COLORED VINYL 2x12"+CD $19.99
* Battle Of Mice / Jesu - Split - BLACK w/ SPLATTER COLORED VINYL 12" $17.99
* Battle Of Mice / Jesu - Split - CLEAR/BLACK COLORED VINYL 12" $17.99
* Battle Of Mice / Jesu - Split - SILVER/CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12" $17.99
* Cannabis Corpse - Tube Of The Resinated - CHRONIC COLORED VINYL 12" $12.99
* Corrupted - Paso Inferior 12" (Insolito) $17.99
* Indian Summer - Hidden Arithmetic 12" (Adagio830) $14.99
* Isis - Shades Of The Swarm 12x12" Box Set (Robotic Empire) $249.99
* Omega Massif / Mount Logan - Split - CLOUD GREY VINYL 12" (Vendetta) $10.99
* Salome - Self-Titled 12" (Vendetta) $10.99
* Salome - Self-Titled CD (Vendetta) $11.99
* Snack Truck - Terrier of the Pale Moon 7" (Blood Of The Drash) $4.99
* Thou / Leech - We Pass Like Night, From Land to Land - WHITE COLORED VINYL 12" (Adagio) $14.99
* Thou / Salome - Split 12" (Vendetta) $10.99
* Torche - Meanderthal - CHERRY BURST COLORED VINYL 12" $17.99
* Torche - Meanderthal - ORANGE COLORED VINYL 12" $19.99
* Torche - Meanderthal - PICTURE DISC 12" $24.99
* Torche - Meanderthal - PURPLE COLORED VINYL 12" $19.99
* Torche - Meanderthal - TAPWATER COLORED VINYL 12" $17.99
* Torche - Self-Titled Reissue - AUTUMN COLORED VINYL 12" $14.99
* Torche - Self-Titled Reissue - DESERT COLORED VINYL 12" $14.99
* Torche - Self-Titled Reissue - SAKE COLORED VINYL 12" $14.99

Thanks everyone as always! Also a quick note to say we are slightly backed up with orders at the moment so please allow some extra time for your orders to arrive. We appreciate your patience as we scramble to keep up with the recent order volume!

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