July 1, 2009

"do you prefer to drill epileptic blows the mind?"

Google Translator rules... turned this DIAL review into this:

-Dial "Dial"

I must admit that my only prior experience with New Zealand music (at least to remember at this time) is through the brilliant Shiha, a large banda totally recommended for those who enjoy the quality of Grunge. The Dial (even if the connections are obvious nineties) passes the other. This debut ep is just the demo of the trio now reissued by Robotic Empire, and it will find the five most sick, violent and oppressive Noise-Rock. And, while maintaining this level for me to continue. So, do you want to leak distorted guitar riffs and vomit as thick as dissonant? Do seek the dizzying pace of Shellac? Or do you prefer to drill epileptic blows the mind? Are they wet just thinking about bombacha of pure feedback thrown ball with the precision timing of a machine gun? Are you looking for a female voice completely deranged, broken and hysterical? And prefer accompanied by male chorus in the form of wild screams? And what they tell me that under inducing diarrhea each immediate intervention? Ok, we have references, as appropriate. Unsane, The Jesus Lizard, Shellac mentioned, Helmet, Silvefish (the indispensable reference for any of the banda genre with a girl in front), as crude Neurosis and even some of the unrestrained violence of gangs or Deadguy such as Rorschach, pioneers in So bring on the Noise-Rock Hardcore heavier. But none of those names achieves promising obscure the personality of the group. And certainly the fact that the songs are similar in intensity and exhibits psychosis desencajada helps. Check (one more time. ... Are) the heaviest and most extreme music this is not Metal.
Not too shabby (we think). To celebrate, all $4.99 items in our Online Store (including the DIAL CDep... and almost every 7" & cassette tape we carry) are now discounted to $4.20 until the end of the month. ¡OlĂ©!


Night Goat said...

facivreThats the first time I've seen a post not @ 4:20 in a while.

Manuel said...

I don't know if you can understand anything from this crappy translation, besides the funny phrases like "bombacha of pure feedback thorwn to ball" (I must admit this one made me laugh hard, in english AND spanish). To make it clear, we liked the record. Actually a lot. Anyways thanks for checking our site.

Manuel (from www.zannmusic.com.ar)

Fernando said...

Oh my god.

Well, that Google translated thing is way much better than my review.

Just for the record, i really enjoyed the Dial ep and the original review says nothing but good things about it.