February 23, 2006

MUNICIPAL WASTE - sweet exclusive T-Shirt design, available in many sizes!

So we've toured with MUNICIPAL WASTE a lot over the past couple years and have BARONESS' John Baizley doing a series of T-Shirts for the label, so it's only natural that this pairing finally happened! Robotic Empire is proud to announce an exclusive, brand new T-Shirt design for Municipal Waste's neo-classic tune "The Thrashin' of The Christ" from their latest Hazardous Mutation album on Earache. Yes, they are obviously still an Earache band but it doesn't mean the band isn't making some seriously cool merch, and we're stoked to have this design available for you.

We made a shitload of sizes, Youth Medium all the way through Double Extra Large, so hopefully peoples of all sizes can finally get the Waste shirt they've longed for. The print on this turned out absolutely amazing, and measures 11.5" wide by 15.5" tall, so it's nice and BIG! A bigger version of the artwork itself can be seen by clicking here, but if you already know you want this bad motherfucker, it's $15 POSTAGE PAID (by us) in the USA, and you can click here for all available sizes, ordering info and more details! Thanks/peace!

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