July 14, 2005

ROBOTIC EMPIRE - First Label T-Shirt

We are proud to unleash Robotic Empire's first label t-shirt!! Designed by the mighty John Baizley of Baroness, this two color shirt is so insanely detailed we can hardly believe how awesome it turned out. The print is huge too, 15" tall by 10" wide, and all in all this thing is just AWESOME looking. These are printed on 50/50 Jerzees shirts and this is the first in a series of designs Mr. Baizley is doing for Robotic Empire!

This shirt costs $12.00 postage paid (in the US) and can be ordered through our Online Store. Sizes available are YL, S, M, L and XL. Also, you can click here for a closer detail of the artwork. Up next in the series: TORCHE

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